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Phone: 508-431-2026 • Fax: 508-431-2296

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As a specialist group, we require a referral from a primary care provider (PCP) for an initial neurological evaluation. Ask your PCP to send our office an order form that states the reason treatment is being sought, a demographic sheet, and the most recent office visit to our fax number, 508-431-2296. Depending on your insurance plan, you may also need an insurance referral to be seen by our office. Your PCP can help with this.

Download the "New Patient Paperwork" by clicking the PDF on the left side of the page. If your appointment is for an EMG, please also download the "EMG Intake Form". Alternatively, this paperwork is available in the office at the time of your visit.

Prior to your EEG, make sure to review the following instructions:

  • Wash hair within 24 hours of the test. Do not use gels, oils, or hairspray. Regular shampoo and conditioner are okay.
  • Do not sleep for more than six hours prior to the day of your test. Do not eat or drink anything that contains caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, chocolate). You can eat regular meals prior to the test.
  • Wear a loose fitting top or button-down collar, as two electrodes will need to be placed on the chest for an EKG.
  • You can take medications as usual before the exam.

Alzheimer's Disease

National Alzheimer's Association
(800) 272-3900

American Health Assistance Foundation
(800) 437-2423

Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living
(703) 533-8121


Epilepsy Foundation
(800) EFA-1000

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS Support Foundation
(413) 664-2011

Multiple Sclerosis Assocation of America
(800) 532-7667

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
(888) MS FOCUS

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
(800) FIGHT MS


American Stroke Association
(800) 242-8721

American Occupational Therapy Association
(301) 652-2682


National Migraine Association
(703) 739-9384

National Headache Foundation
(888) NHF-5552