Neurology Partners

76 Park Street, Attleboro, MA
Phone: 508-431-2026 • Fax: 508-431-2296

To provide excellent care for patients with neurological disorders using appropriate testing and timely consultation. Our goal is to deliver a level of service for each patient, based on individual needs, without prejudice.

We are a group of dedicated neurologists striving to provide quality care to patients with neurological disorders. A wide variety of neurological services is available at our office site in Attleboro.

Patients are often referred to us for evaluation of symptoms such as headaches, numbness or tingling, limb weakness or pain, seizures, memory problems, tremors, gait disturbance, dizziness or imbalance, sleep disorders, abnormal limb movements, and brain injuries.

Since we are a specialty group, all patients require a referral from their primary care doctor, indicating the reason a consultation is being sought, to schedule an appointment with us.

We are proud to serve the Attleboro community and surrounding region. Our primary affiliation is with Sturdy Memorial Hospital.